In his AFA ArtTalk at Christie's on November 16, 2010, David Salle provides a rich context for his work in a wide-ranging, erudite talk in which he weaves references to Gertrude Stein, Edmund Wilson, T. S. Eliot, and Frank O’Hara, as well as other artists.

Aesthetic values, 15:03
Art (defining), 5:15
Ballet paintings, 55:57
Digital manipulation, 01:02:50
Dunham, Tip, 35:43
Figures, 50:01
Haunch of Venison exhibition, 16:40
O’Hara, Frank, 38:20
Pictorialism, 31:34
Pop Art (Warhol and Lichtenstein), 11:09
Salle, David (his work), 41:00
Schutz, Dana, 34:01
Sillman, Amy, 36:48
Stein, Gertrude, 7:25
Still-life, 01:01:45
Tapestry paintings, 52:09
Wilson, Edmund, 9:57

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