Luiz Henrique Magnani
Universidade de São Paulo
Dr. Roseanne R. Tavares
Federal University of Alagoas
Dr. Maria Cristina Lima Paniago Lopes
Dom Bosco Catholic University

This event brings together a group of visiting Brazilian scholars at UofM’s Faculty of Human Ecology and the Centre for Globalization and Cultural Studies, who will present on their shared research interests in education, technology, and critical literacies. Dr. Paniago Lopes is professor at the Dom Bosco Catholic University’s Education Post-Graduation Programme and leader of the Group of Research and Studies about Educational Technology and Distance Eduation (GETED) registered at Brazil’s National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). Dr.Tavares is professor at the Federal University of Alagoas’s Language Postgraduate Program, director of the research group “Observatory of language in use,” and research member of the national project on literacies and multi-literacies in Brazil. Luiz Magnani is a PhD researcher at the Universidade de São Paulo, whose research focuses on the relationship between video games, meaning-making, and critical literacy.

Henrique Magnani is a current Visiting Research Associate at the Centre

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