Inspired by the work of Terrance Roll

A study on man's inhumanity to walls and how we suppress and cover them up to silence them...

This was in pre-production for two months, and then storyboarded EXACTLY to make sure it works.

I spent 3 weeks filming this and shot it on the new Arri Alexa as you can see from the 14 stop latitude clearly visible in the shot.

Some of the shots were shot on the Phantom Gold at 5000Fps.

We shot with a full set of Zeiss Master Primes and an F0.65 Zeiss from Nasa.

We had a crew of 16 on this.

It took 2 months to edit.

Graded on a DaVinci suite.

My 16 hour director's cut will be available soon on 3d Blu-Ray.

Music by Vangelis

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