I bought this 808 (keyfob) camera that appears to be a #3 from eBay seller eletoponline365 on Nov/15/2010. I paid $11.68 shipped. It took 7 days to arrive. The memory was class 6 purchased from BestOfferBuy. I paid $10.50 shipped. It took 8 days to arrive.

I shot the video on Wed Nov 24, 2010. I had not set the date in the camera so it shows as Jan 17, 2008.

When I shot the video, it was late afternoon and cloudy outside with no lights on in the house. The lighting was much brighter indoors than the video shows. The video starts out indoors and goes outdoors. Original video shows to be 30 seconds. Vimeo says 31 seconds. That is probably the same.

There is some video noise at the beginning of the video at the bottom that I would like to have identified if someone has seen it before. It looks like some RAM needs to warm up.

Does this look like a real #3? The AVI file name is SUNP0001.AVI

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