// What two Latin Americans from Mexico can
see, feel, rationalise, elucidate, draw and
so on in a Germanic atmosphere?
Ernesto Lucas and Tania Maria embrace
the culture shock and find intriguing ideas,
perhaps not too "latin" nor too "germanic"!
But surely they were like a juggler to find
something else.



Published on the independent travel magazine and TV Matador. As I can see the network Matador has a excellent proposal! Check it out:


"Two backpackers from Latin America absorb and process culture in Bavaria.

Through utilizing their mobile skills and passions, Ernesto and Tania aim to have a truly original experience in Munich. As an artist, I feel inclined to do the same myself, because it seems self-expression while abroad leaves me open to a thorough absorption of a destination – not to mention more invested in where I am. These two men “see, feel, rationalize, elucidate, and draw” in this beautiful city while busking on the streets and connect with others in their same circles."


Review on the german Blog:


"Short Film: Two Mexicans in Munich

Dealing with prejudices and stereotypes is certainly one of the most delicate aspects of travel. And confirmed in the short film "DRAWING MUNICH" in wonderful ways. Two Mexicans, Ernesto Lucas, Tania Maria, describe their experiences in 15 minutes in Munich, pointing to the typical and holding the bare index finger skillfully in his pants pocket. Very nicely done and charming. Congratulations to the filmmakers!" (Google Translate. From German [Any better translation will be very welcome])

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