1. Guilty As Charged - First place winner in the 11 second club competition. Ace attempts one last plea, but all the evidence points to guilty.

2-3. Baskin Robins Baseball Helmet spot. Truman the turtle rocks out to Baskin-Robbins sundaes. Lead animator for this spot.

4. Baskin Robins America's Birthday Cake. Polly is bursting with excitement over the Baskin-Robbins flavor of the month for July - America's Birthday Cake. Worked on this one shot while doing the previs for the sheep spot.

5-6. Baskin Robins Pink Bubblegum. Barry get's blown away by Baskin-Robbins Pink Bubblegum ice cream. Lead animator for this spot.

7. Foamy Latte - Third place winner in the 11 second competition. Its hard to find good help these days. He hates a foamy latte.

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