In the beginning there was Eros.....and life was its will!


Eros dwells within us, shaping the course of our lives as it seeks its own destiny; constantly shifting the balance of power between the sexes as men & women mature and age.

And so the role of Eros is explored in The Dragonfly, a surreal ‘cinematic’ journey through one woman's life, in which fantasy and the vivid world of her imagination, plays as important a part as reality.

Weaving its way through a series of episodic tales across different times and continents, from the battlefields of Medieval England to the gardens of Ming Dynasty China, the Dragonfly accompanies Georgina; a beautiful, intelligent and artistic woman whilst she discovers her own protean erotic ego as it evolves and changes over the course of her extraordinary life.

The Dragonfly is in development as a ground breaking live action/animation.

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