Abertura para a mini-série de Luiz Fernando Carvalho para TV Globo.
Oppening Titles for Brazilian tv series by Luiz Fernando Carvalho for Tv Globo. The title is a reference to Sigmund Freud's famous question: "What women want?"

Creative Direction: Hans Donner, Alexandre Pit
Direction/Art Direction: Alexandre Romano
Illustrations/Paintings: Olaf Hajek
CG Coordinator: Alexandre Romano
2D Animation: Alexandre Romano, Gus Duval
3D Animation: Fabricio Duque, Gus Duval
2D/3D Compositing: Alexandre Romano
Digital Illustration/Image Manipulation: Igor Ching, Jonas Assis
Logo Design: Rodrigo Gomes
made at VIDEOGRAPHICS | ©Tv Globo

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