Ok, this is just a test. I wanted to see, if I can balance the DOF adapter on my Merlin. That worked great. But handling both things is a real challenge.

I set the focus of the DOF to a certain distance. But while you are walking, you cannot focus with the DOF adapter. So sometimes, if there is no closer object, the footage looks out of focus.
In some clips I forgot to switch the vibration on. You can see that. There are 3 or 4 dust spots in the upper right corner of the clip. I walked, tilted and boomed up and down, followed objects or walked around them. All with an upside down picture in my monitor. Realy strange and sometimes confusing :).
The 2.nd problem was, that the picture in my monitor is upside down, which is realy strange. But I think it worked pretty good, and there are some nice shots in this clip.

3. the whole system is than pretty heavy and realy gets into your arms.

My Canon HF100 settings where:
Program: Cine mode 25p
white balance auto

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