A silent motion picture, with no words, in three acts.
Iconography appears as choreography, including, but not limited to, the movement of the body, camera and edit.
Existing within the possibilities of the theatrical and cinematic frame, a female figure enters the spotlight feet first - a ‘starlet’ born by breech. She moves as a figure in flux of femme fatale and demoiselle, meshing the physical architecture of cinematic suggestions of these two archetypes.
The mechanics of the edit suggest reflection, repetition and a crisis of temporality, the inevitability
of the Eternal Return to only her existence in the spatial limits of the film.
‘After You’ve Gone, Honey’ is a piece of alternarrative choreographed cinema.

Intersections: After You've Gone, Honey is at an intersection between the essence of the Golden Age of Cinema and today's choreographic reflection of it. The figure is literally at an intersection of moving picture and moving body.

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