Unsatisfied with his job and life, ATM found solace in the internet. It expanded his world to include clips of the great stand-up comedians- Hedberg, Kaufman, Pryor, Seinfeld. After recovering from heartbreak and a mental breakdown, he decided it would be best to leave the banking world behind. Now he's going for broke... on a stage near you!

This video was made:
Monday April 16, 2007 -
At Cafe Nine in New Haven, CT

This gives you a taste of what goes on at Cafe Nine's open mic night. They call it "Beatnik 2000" and it's apparently a cornerstone for local New Haveners.

The Act was written by
Adrian Chen youtube.com/profile?user=Adrianthechen,
dalas verdugo vimeo.com/user:dalasv,
and Me (not really much though).

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