A film I made in 2007 about a British Military bicycle who emigrates from england to Canada.

There are many people to thank in the making of this who are in the credits however 2 should also be mentioned here

Brigid Ward: Idea, narration and co-writer...Well actual writer, I really played more of an editorial role in the writing. Without Brigid this film would never have been made.

Dean Summach/Economics: Music. Dean made this project come to life by laying down some wicked melodies. Also instead of doing the logical thing and changing his name in the credits I simply appologize everytime for the misspelling. So sorry Dean.
Deans website

Eugene screened at several different festivals around the world, but the Cleveland International Film Festival was by far the one I felt was the warmest. If any of you get the chance to go or represent there, I recommend it, lovely people, great staff, and they work hard to make it great. There was a snow storm the year I went, and people were trapped in the theatre...I missed that by one day, but from the sounds of it I missed out on a great time. Booo.

Anyway enjoy

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