This is my first job as a film title designer. In this case, for a documentary about spanish civil war, particularly about refugees and massive exodus through Pyrenees.

As a drawer, I tryed keeping 2D pictures as the most important elements in this animation, using 3d only for opacity layers and some real 3d objects merely to achieve more fluid animation.

The photos of Robert Capa showing republican soldiers and enless refugee colums are my first inspiration. So, instead of soft movements between different titles, I prefered not to move the camera and keep still in each image, like photography does.
Also, camera goes from particular shots to general ones in order to discover, slowly, a final pan view.

Software used, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max and After effects.

(Sorry, no sound for the moment).

P:D: I beg your pardon if I made some grammar mistakes. I try to do my best writing in english. Nuances are welcome, both in animation and grammar :P

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