2xanadu Present Bespoke: Creative Show2010.

Every industry needs a playground to mingle with creativity
Revolutionary creative agency 2xanadu proudly presents to you the Bespoke: Creative show

2xanadu prides itself on building a creative playground, Bespoke: Creative, where art and industries mix to explore the market and the art of ‘bespoke’.
By creating golden opportunities for designers everywhere, to experiment with an expansive range of mediums and concepts, Bespoke: Creative provides a platform for national, and international, creative designers to engage audiences with their talent, innovative thinking and fresh approaches to design.
The Bespoke: Creative show will exhibit a selection of Luma International’s Fixed Gear Bike Frames adorned with graphics by 10 of the world’s leading and up-and-coming creative designers in the industry.
In addition to being a remarkable opportunity for talented designers, the show promises to attract the support from bike lovers, bespoke art admirers, and some of the most influential international creative designers, such as OBE Jimmy Choo.

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