Stop Cruises from Ruining Placencia, Belize.

This is a short video I shot while visiting Placencia Belize last week. The local businesses and residents are trying to counter a strong push for the installation of Cruise Ship recipient facilities in the town of Placencia. It is a small town and could not support the large surges of people flooding in every day. To learn more about this situation and to support it please visit this site: and make sure this does not become a reality.

Placencia is a beautiful, unique and colorful town at the end of a long peninsula in southern Belize. With a small population, clean roads and beaches, minimal road traffic and tourist footings, this spot is precious when it comes to caribbean destinations. But the secret seems to be out.

If this place is allowed to become like most uncovered secrets in the natural world, it could be the end of a beautiful thing. We can still enjoy Placencia to its fullest without destroying it with our indulgence.

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