This is Mauna Kea, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Mauna Kea's high altitude (13,796) and remote location makes it the worlds best location for astronomy. The various domes you see in this movie are some of the best telescopes on the planet.
A list of all the telescopes can be found here:

The video was primarily lit by a gibbous moon. If you look carefully you will see an airplane or two and even a few meteors. You will also notice a laser from Gemini; this laser is used to cancel out the effects of atmosphere. Later on in the video you witness moon set on Mauna Kea. Very soon after you will notice a small glow. This glow proceeds sunrise and is actually dust in our solar system reflecting light back at us, this is called the zodiacal light.

2/3 the way up Poliahu
Nikon D200
20mm f/2.8
ISO 800
Pclix:33s interval

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