Our 2nd presentation!!! Tabs in... Where The Wild Things Go (nsfw, 1st edit).

I'm finding these are more "moving photo series" set to music than they are videos or mini-movies or whatever. I'm not trying to make a music video, just add motion and sound to a photo shoot, to add 2 more dimensions to what's in my head when I'm doing a photo series.

Does that make sense?

This is nsfw for a few moments, but for the most part, it's safe. As for song choice, I much prefer Cloud Cult for this than anything from the movie or movie commercials because even though it's a Where The Wild Things shoot, it's really about our wild thing, Tabs, escaping civilization and running with the wolves, even if they are only in her mind.

So, without further adieu, TSURUFOTO Presents... Tabs in Where The Wild Things Go!!!

Starring: Tabs aka Sheila Savage: modelmayhem.com/696316
Music: Cloud Cult's "Running With The Wolves"

My portfolio: tsurufoto.com
My on-going work: tsururadio.deviantart.com
My music blog: tsururadio.com


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