brought to you by - Custom Windscreens for hand held audio recorders.

Took my little one to this beach on Maui's west side because I really like the background on both ends of the beach. Hope you enjoy : )

Second outing with my new Panasonic TM 700. This camera makes me happy. It shoots cleaner prettier wide angles then my hacked GH1 or my Canon 5D2... I have to do a side by side comparison to the GH1 and 5D2 for Medium shots or close ups but will soon.

As of this writing it's one of I believe two cameras you can get for under $1000 that can do 1920X1080 at 60p! I got it for this purpose alone but was pleasantly surprised when I saw the images the cam can make.

The sounds of the waves and foley stuffs were made using the Zoom H4n digital audio recorder paired with a Redhead Windscreen for happy sound.

Editing was done in Premiere on a 24p timeline. Clips were slowed to 40% which created the proper ratio of smooth slowdown and very minimal color correction was done, ( just a bit of levels play and my usual addition mild amounts of noise )..hey, I like noise : )

Download the full sized 1920X1080 version in the sidebar for best quality. It will take a bit to download, perfect time for a break.

Music is from planet earth soundtrack.

Mahalo for watching-

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