Hunk, & Dora (2006). 14-foot handmade paper brick tower. 4 hrs; 2:40 min clip. [Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts, Chicago, IL]

Thousands of translucent, backlit, handmade paper bricks hung from the ceiling to construct this edifice, in which the artist drew comics onto bricks for those who entered the space. This simultaneously fragile and rugged single wall of hollow units mimicked the interior walls people build for protection. The title of the piece came from a Krazy Kat cartoon, which inspired the brick production and comic drawing. Audience members were provided the same handmade paper used for the bricks to share feedback, by hiding their comments in the open-backed bricks.

Blurb: This floor-to-ceiling tower made of handmade paper bricks was a self-portrait that considered the effects of internal defense mechanisms.

Camera: Nathalie Vidlak
Editor: Brian Kallies
© 2006

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