For all you who want to add translated subtitles or your own translated rap, here is the subtitle-less video:

If you want the original beats for your recording, with or without the Hawking-style voice, Will was so kind as to put them up for your use:

If you want the lyrics (among other things), they're here:

Of course, add your own names to the credits, and you don't necessarily have to translate these, but please put the following credits in your video notes, wherever you upload. Thanks!

Images came from:,, the Institute of Physics, NASA, Symmetry, and Marvel

The talented dancers doubled as camera people, with some work by Neil Dixon. Stock footage is CERN's.

Will Barras is responsible for the killa beats:

And thanks to MC Hawking, who first thought of using computer-voice to bring Stephen Hawking to the world of rap :-)

The first LHC rapper has a day job (we agree this is a good thing) as a science writer.

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