Sometimes in order to see substance you have to poke fun of all that is around us. In doing so, we can step outside ourselves to see the larger picture and unearth the deep-seated values that support our mission.

The inherent message being told in this satirical cartoon (IMO) is that while promoting the meta concept of green, we must be mindful to not elevate it to a fashion or class-oriented status. Rather it should be just a way of life, inclusive to all. Secondly, to be sincere and relevant to your intended audiences and everyone else, you have to define what it means.

‘Green’ is an attribute. When focused on exclusively, we’re making the assumption that all else is equal…as if the rest is an interchangeable commodity. Not only is that unreasonable, it’s unfair to other attributes like price, value proposition, appeal, design, and personal connection.

To grow your audience size and progressively affect positive change, you have to provide a great offering on a variety of attributes while adjusting your communications to each audience segment’s values.

In this way, ‘green’ will become normal.

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