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I started skateboarding at age 35 and been at it 1-2hrs a day 7 days a week all year round. I learn slow and small because my body is old. I like to film and just can't watch anymore so I picked up the board 2 years ago. Many cracked ribs, hands, fingers, wrists, ankles, toes and many other bones later, I'm still on the board.

I like Freestyle and Street and haven't gone bigger than a 5 stair yet... but only Ollied and shuved them. I can barely 50 anything higher than a curb but can Ollie up about a 3 stair. I'm only comfortable with BS boards and hate FS boards but working through em. I'm tryin BS Krooks and Feebs too.

I only got Kicks and Varial Kicks consistant at about 1 1/2 in but could do them plus Heels after 6 months.

I couldn't Ollie up a curb till about 1 year.

Here's my progression (links):

2 Months:

1 Year update:

2 Year update (this video):


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