Lucy & Tim had a Hollywood Glamour inspired wedding. Not themed, inspired. This meant the bride wore a 1950's style dress, birdcage veil and the day had other little hallmarks from this era.

We wanted to really bring this out for their day so made a few key shooting and editing decisions.

As always we shot entirely on DSLR's for that film like look but we also wanted our Steadicam shots to have the same shallow look. So to help achieve this we shot with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 prime lens.

Now, keeping focus on a Steadicam with this is difficult to say the least. It meant keeping my distance from the subject and often focusing via the ring on the fly.

For the edit we wanted a stylized look but as with all our work not so much that you notice it. We went with a yellow highlights and blue lows. Limited the brightness to give a low contrast look and then applied a subtle film grain so it didnt look so digital. All done in Sony Vegas.


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