Have you ever been to prison? It can be quite boring. Nevertheless, it's certainly an experience you won't forget. Especially Långholmen!

The Boerring Brothers document a mid-winter weekend trip to Stockholm, Sweden. "Journey to Thorvald Meyers Gate" in Oslo was their first sojourn, and this is their second. But forget roughing it in a hostel, instead they sentence themselves to a former prison. They also wander around town, too.

"Journey to Långholmen" is long: over 45 minutes. Hey, this is prison! Be glad it's not 20 years long; that would be murder. But it doesn't matter how good, bad, or long it is—it's always Boerring. It also has a trailer for their next video, "Journey – Prague 24," due sometime in 2011.

Most of the video was shot using a Panasonic NV-GS250 digital video tape camera with a 0.45 wide angle lens attachment; but this camera has an inoperative image stabilizer so it gets shakey. A Panasonic NV-GS300 digital tape camera was occasionally used as a backup, but this lacked a wide-angle capability that we often needed. Both cameras are weak in low light settings—where a lot of recording took place—and they are nearly antique by today's HD video standard. But, surprisingly, the end result is quite acceptable.

Nearly the entire video was edited in Final Cut Express, but some small portions, such as the preview, were edited in iMovie '09 and '11. (Other editing details appear in the ending credits.)

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