The North (installation)
Jade Boyd, The North video installation: video projection (7:42), amplifier, 2x speakers, dead branches. Dimensions variable. ‘Podium’ at Galleri Badet, Kulturhuset, Hausmania, Oslo, Norway, 2006.

'The North', originally an installation for my graduation exhibition at Sydney College of the Arts (2005), was the beginning of a trajectory of work and research based around the sublime and the supernatural. In this installation I projected a video made with footage of the Norwegian landscape combined with footage from earlier works.
The video was projected so that it fell partly onto the tips of the pile of twisted, dead branches, that lay on the floor, echoing the elements of nature within the video. The darkly layered soundtrack was heavy with bass, holding reference to Norse folklore with the imagined cries in the woods and a voice (suggestive of the Nøkken), beckoning in old Norwegian to `cross over´ (the water). The video moved in stilted procession, recalling Muybridge´s sequential photographic studies of locomotion, and creating a dislocated world, enclosed within the dark confines of the room.

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