just a few hints to use C4D-mograph. Some technics I used while I made BMW Mini commercials. ...a few klicks to made awesome animations =)

- morph / unfold a building / city (and some other stuff)
(like this: vimeo.com/6129168)
- 3d workflow to easy develope dephmaps
- using taht dephmap for example on a "nailboard"
- 38 min / german

ZIPed C4D nailboard-stuff szene: alturl.com/s3whf
ZIPed C4D growingHous szene : alturl.com/k6n2q

moturial 01 : vimeo.com/8874401
moturial 02 : vimeo.com/9303971
moturial 04 : vimeo.com/18248616


sponsored : izaiza.de


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