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After two whole movies, Clayman and Cleo have finally become a couple (it’s Headbook-official!). Unfortunately, not everyone in Claymatia is happy; Clayman has made a deadly enemy in Blobby, whose crown he inadvertently stole in the last film. Now Blobby is an outcast, branded a loser and left with nothing but a burning desire for revenge. And that will thrust him and Clayman into the biggest climactic showdown in the history of stop motion. As if that wasn’t bad enough, these events force Cleo to realize just how dangerous it is being Clayman’s girlfriend. Can Clayman and Cleo make it as a couple? Who will survive Blobby’s revenge?

"Clayman 3" is a major milestone for me. It is my longest film yet, it is the film I spent the most time working on (a whole year!), it is my first feature film with clay rather than Silly Putty, and it is basically pretty darn awesome.

Go Behind the Scenes!
Deleted Scenes: vimeo.com/19082264

Watch Its Predecessors!
Clayman: vimeo.com/6024558
Clayman 2: vimeo.com/7227347

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