This video includes the first photos of Agnes - the 17th snow leopard collared through the Panthera-Snow Leopard Trust research study in Mongolia's Tost Mountains - and her two cubs estimated to be 3 months old at the time, in August of 2009. Having eluded our efforts to collar her for several years, Agnes was finally collared in April of 2012. During her examination, Agnes was weighed at 36 kg and was estimated to be between 7-10 years of age, making her somewhat older than many of the female snow leopards collared through the Panthera-SLT study. Still, after spotting small snow leopard pugmarks, or paw prints, near Agnes’ collaring site and monitoring her movements, which have recently been limited to a small area, Panthera’s scientists believe that Agnes is still bearing litters and is currently travelling with at least one cub.

More about the project here:

And more about snow leopards in general here:

*Camera trap video provided by Panthera and the Snow Leopard Trust

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