"LBC CYPHER" DOWNLOAD LINK: usershare.net/b10eck55ftop

This is a lil cypher i put together w/ some of my homies from the L.B.C. (Long Beach, CA). Everyone involved is from Long Beach, CA including the producer "R-Productions", recorded by "Fish" @ Relapse Recording Studios", the director "Oy" & the video editor "Phillip". This was to showcase all of our talents from artists, music production & film.

It's Joanlee…on the cypher w/ my boyz from Long Beach…Get 'em!

Yeah! Look, im 22 now, still alive//
cant deny that im happy, boy my city on fire//
see the ashes on my car, it's so filthy when i ride//
i swear i knew my fuckin streets before i learned to drive//
hah but now i'm fly straight swurvin in the sky,
dumb wasted off of liquor smoking herb until im dry//
fuck fuckin with one strand im sure theres more to try//
so high loookin down, like im nervous or sorta shy//
but ego is mean tho, i am all that//
you not hot summers over sun, i tell em falls back//
like im fobbin, but really saying give ninja space//
man they hate that im ballin, and they bitches sac//
spit a verse for em all i got em going ball sac//
gettin pisssed while you gettin schooled take a hall pass//
reppin shit that i dont thinks is coo, ya squad's whack//
so far, they below par, me i go hard


long beach reppin, kayem checkin in
full court pressin ever since i got my second wind
of course i expect to win the greats im right next to them
these motherfuckers visitin the top well ima resident
my steez is excalabur the only one that can pull it
they want to shoot me in the magazines like a bullet
these special ed mother fuckers man they sort of slow
i got that sushi rap show yall how california roll
you know i got that fire im california grown
never followed any paths cuz i explore my own
these cats lookin for a seat i shoot for the thrown
dont be compared to me man feel sorry for my clone
i dont follow any trends so ima outsider
never been a boy scout but im about fire
im so fly club promoters can't hand out flyer
robin williams flow man dont doubt fire


i do it for the homies gettin caught w/ convictions
in a jail cell spitting bars from a prison
i'm on a mission to slaughter u competition
like a shooting star, w/out media attention (Blaow!)
i punch bars but be socking out lines
i be bustin' i ain't talkin' about a hard core nine (10mm)
a dime piece, said she lookin' hella fine
she could fuck the whole world where the sun don't shine
my criminalistic image, got me harassed by pigs,
they asking me, what i'm banging and why's my pocket so big
i told 'em nothin' pulled out something, stabbed me right in the ribs
now tell me, if that's a story i should bring home to kids
i don't mind dippin' a Tacoma, as long's i'm feeding my daughter
and when it comes to my daughter, i'll in the back of the pick up and haul ya, mutha fucka, it's all over, Shame Face aka lost child…1..


CHEDDA 3000:
CHECK! My dirty mouth spits clean verses, what a contradiction/
You couldn't see me with prescription x-ray vision/
My only mission is diminish all my opposition/
Til all competition turns into non-existent/
Since a youngsta I never cared about the loose change/
My friends wanted to be Batman, I wanted to be Bruce Wayne/
Cuz on da real, being broke ain't the shit for me/
So if I'm at your door wearin a mask, it ain't trick or treat/
And all that flashy gun talkin' doesn't even spook me/
You wouldn't shoot me with a uzi playing call of duty/
I ain't cocky, I'm convinced, homie that's the truth/
I'm so damn sure even my vodka is Absolut/
And don't be thinkin I'm just talk with no action/
I'll fuck your face up, I'm da opposite of Pro-Activ/
It's nothin when I'm bustin', couple shots you gone/
I put Eight in your stomach like the Octomom
(it's Chedda!)


It's Sneezy Tweet, I'm on the mic and in some cypher shit/
and i don't really give a fuck if you don't like it bitch/
i'm on that raw status, leave my foe's jaw shattered/
leave his mouth wired shut, make his nose fatter/
hit him dead in the stomach, damage bladder/
pull out that black tech nine, watch 'em scatter/
i'm bout mines, 10yrs on the frontline/
i go hard for my peeps when it's dinner time/
and i ain't asking you for shit, gimme mine/
i need that, pile it up by the big stack/
it's Sneezy Tweet, I'm here to bring the real rap back/
so mutha fucka duck down when the hammer's snap/
hallows fly, penetrating, make yo spine crack/
i'm high as fuck, chop it up, no swisher wrap/
I'm the real deal, go and holyfield that,
i got the blue steel right where my hands at!


Coming off a screen w/ a clear shot like the Silver, (Patron)
told em they better recognize me, w/ "Get Familiar",
where to begin, the haters said i wouldn't fit in
but i'm tryna make to the Majors like Jeremy Lin, (Ugh)
i stepped away from the limelight,
worked on my game to return like MJ when the times right
I'm in my zone, low key like a baritone, i never left,
i was just in the lab developing like a negative
Been on tracks w/ my pen, working on placements w/ these artists songwriting for them (ugh)
just cuz i sing & i rap they tryna say i'm late,
but i was Lauren Hill way before there was even a Drake,
they swore it wouldn't be done, but why is "Like A G6" sitting on billboard at #1,
said Asians couldn't do it, well we proved it, now that's what i call a real "Far East Movement" Ahhhh!!!




For inquires on filming/editing by Phillip or Oy:
EMAIL: Info@philthyoyster.com is our email

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