This film was conceived on a Wednesday and was completed the following Monday. We started with an initial, very rough idea inspired by Saba Igbe, Alana’s sister. It began, as many of our ideas do, as a mere playful “we should make a movie” statement. From there, it branched off into actually making a film. The acting, shooting and directing process kept us busy during the days and the editing kept us up at nights. The entirety of this movie was filmed with a small, but tremendously handy digital camera. We had $0 budget and very little resources. All of the editing was completed using Windows Movie Maker. We can now say we have a new found appreciation for film editors, as they spend a great deal of time actually putting the film together.
With all that being said, it is important for our audience to keep in mind that there were a number of limitations to making this project. Due to the fact that we were working with a small digital camera, we were not able to get the quality sound or image we would have hoped for. That is why we ask that if you have headphones, you wear them when watching the film (although it is not necessary). Also, because we used Windows Movie Maker, the transitions between shots are not as clean as they would be if we would have had access to a more advanced video editing program. Nevertheless, we spent many hours editing the film in order for it to meet some quality standards; and this was done to the best of our ability.
The story of Talles and Seya is not based on our own friendship, nor is it based on any real people or situations we have encountered.

We hope that you enjoy our film. Please feel free to Comment, Rate, and Share.

Thank you for all of the Support,

Tiffany and Alana

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