It was one of the carols known by both the Allied and German troops, sung during the various Christmas truces along the frontline trenches in Belgium and France.
The melody was simple, the words so powerful. But it's authors at this time were unknown.
Some thought it could have been written by one of the great master composers such as Mozart, Beethoven or Haydn.
How did it become known throughout the world?
"Silent Night - a simple melody" sets out to find the original composer and writer of the world's favorite Christmas carol.
The clip is part of the final moments of the program.
Anna Weatherup
The Promise, Avondale College, Cond. Robb Dennis
Violin: Sarah Scheermeijer
Cello: Blake Robinson
Busker: Martin Crabtree
Guitar: Jean-Pierre Martinez
Keyboard: Korey Dowling
Sax: Lachlan Hamilton

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