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Many people cannot afford to be out of work for extended periods of time. We have geared our practice to returning our patients back to their activities of daily living as soon as possible. Most patients are walking the same day that their bunions are fixed and can return to work usually within 3 to 5 days. Here are some before and after pictures of bunion repairs. Please note that many have no obvious incision. Due to our level of expertise the incisions can be made in places that are less visible. These patients had the bunion repaired by transpositional osteotomy with screw fixation.

If you have a bunion deformity, try this. While sitting, pull your big toe up with your fingers. Move it up and down just to see what kind of motion is possible. Now stand up with your weight on your foot. If you can reach your big toe, try to move it up. If you can't reach it, have someone do it for you. Many of you will notice that the big toe will not glide over your foot when your weight is on it. This is due to a mechanical condition in your foot and is the main reason you have developed this deformity. Therefore, when the bunion is repaired, it must be fixed in such a way that allows this motion to occur. That is why we do the "transpositional osteotomy". We can move the bone in several planes; in this case I have moved the bone in a direction that removes the bunion bump and I have also moved the bone downward so that the big toe can glide normally, allowing you to walk off of your big toe rather than twisting your foot in a spinning motion to move to the next step. In this x-ray, you can see that the head of the 1st metatarsal is moved laterally and the big toe is moved medially allowing it to be straightened. The screw holds the correction and allows you to walk the same day.

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