This is from one of my sound design sessions, it's called "The Burning Piano".
I sampled sounds and noises while the piano was burning.
Since I only had one take I recorded as much material as possible. Initially I was pointing the gas flame lighter directly at the strings and I was playing single notes, but eventually the fire started to burn the hammers and other parts of the piano and at that point the strings were exploding because of the temperature. Later during the day I moved the piano and recorded additional sounds with the rests of the burned strings. I also used a hammer to pull the heated strings.

I'm not a professional videomaker, my focus is on sounds and music. I'm actually creating new playable sounds out of objects and customized instruments with innovative recording techniques. I put together this video by using pictures and portions of videos I took while I was recording, then I composed the soundtrack entirely with the sounds created out of this session.

I hope you like it!


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