On November 17th and November 30th 2010 the skies above Los Angeles seemed to be littered with oversized grid-like patterns of condensed air emanating from aircrafts in the sky.
What are your beliefs? Intentional spraying or an unfortunate side effect of exhaust outflow from aviation aircrafts peppering the sky...Whatever the case, both scenarios spell bad news for the persons living beneath this blanket of fallout.

Over the next few months I hope to focus more effort on this topic. Hopefully uncovering a few answers to the questions I have... and in the meantime, I'll also focus on the evolution of some of these trails from birth to dissipation. By using motion control I'll track the trails as they're pushed across the sky by the local winds and try to ascertain how long it takes for these trails to finally dissipate.
Look for the 3D version of this clip in the next few weeks shot in hyperstereo. This should help in determining some of the altitude differences between the trails that cross each other.
Thanks for checking out the video. The next time you look up in the sky, be curious as to how these clouds are made...natural or man-made.

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