General STATEMENT of the project:

This is a critique on putting labels on people;
On telling us who are we, on creating expectations.
On playing the role that you don’t want to play.

On the pressure of adjusting to heteronormative society;
On the necessity to align with gender patterns;
On the dissonance between worlds that we face while growing up;

It’s about opening eyes, changing the mindset,
leaving things behind, getting onto a new chapter.
It’s about an inside rebellion or being a mental punk.

It’s about finding the right balance (literally and metaphorically)
and it shows that people have more than one layer.

That ridiculous things are always the best fun;
That Peter Pan exists, Punk is not dead and Queer rules!

It shows that princesses also have balls.
It shows that if you are brave enough you can change things!

Do not allow anybody to put you into a box!
do NOT put LABELS yourself!
Think QUEER.

What do I want to say?
We see the legs of a woman in spike heels and a tight black skirt. By the way she walks you can tell that she is self-confident, sexy; she knows what she wants. She is the stereotype of a successful woman. She is one of those women that most women want to be and most men want ‘to have’.. She fits perfectly into the social model of the perfect woman.
Soon the viewer will see that she’s much more than that!
She starts to walk fast, more resolute.. There is a skateboard laying in her way.. she doesn't care that she is wearing spike heels.. and that she’s ‘not allowed’ to use it. She puts her foot on the skateboard and starts to ride. She gets her freedom. She doesn't let anybody put her into a box. She is who she wants to be.

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