A screen-capture from Temporary Cities, first performed at Art Basel Miami 2010.

Temporary Cities is performance composed of 6 separate scenes:
00:00 Horizon One
02:55 Concentric Squares
06:11 Tunnels
09:39 Skyline
14:45 City Lights
21:06 Horizon Two

official site: temporarycities.com

The performance combines an augmented reality visual instrument with live synthesized sound composition.

A series of 7 vignettes, the performance draws inspiration from contemporary trends towards elaborate and disposable systems in software, architecture and social networks.

Before each scene the performer hand places shapes beneath a video camera. The shapes are interpreted by computer vision and morphed by a generative graphics environment that extends the metaphor implied by the shapes' configuration. The performer leads the unfolding of each vignette as it reveals a stark geometric world that expands until collapsing in complexity.

Visuals composed and performed by James George using computer vision and graphics in openFrameworks.

Sound composed and performed by Daniel Peterson with SuperCollider.

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