Shot on 16mm, non-sync dialogue.

The whole film was shot on location in my backyard in the Los Angeles County suburb of Torrance. It shows what you can do if your wife is willing to let you dig a hole in your lawn, surround it with dirt, DIY foxhole with Home Depot supplies and borrowed plants from a local nursery.

Screened at 2009 Cinequest Film Festival as part of the Student Competition, 2009 Tiburon International Film Festival and 2009 Global Cinema Festival.

This is a short piece I wrote & directed based on the experiences of many of the American World War II veterans of Japanese ancestry (Nisei) who served with the United States Army Military Intelligence Service (MIS). This film is the a small sample of the larger story I plan to tell in longer form based upon the exploits of these American patriots who served their country during a time when they were regarded with distrust and had been deprived of their civil liberties.

This film is dedicated to these veterans and was inspired by the many stories I was fortunate to hear directly from them.

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