The militias of the DRC use rape as a tactic of war, even male rape. Now they're throwing kidnapping into the terrible mix. They're combining their sexual desires with fund raising.

A Congolese soldier watches women marching in protest at the raping of 300 women near a UN base; but the gun cradled in his lap is a savage reminder that in this war all soldiers are accused, "Rape is all around us." Young or old the people of the DRC have no safety from the horrific rape tactics of the militias.

One woman her eyes still emptied by torture tells how she was kidnapped and raped for three days in front of her husband. For the militias rape has become just part of war, "When we saw a woman the officer would give the order to rape her".

And now the militias incorporate kidnapping into their reign of terror, "They said they would behead my husband if I didn't bring beer and $100 phone credit". While the warring continues there appears to be no end in sight for the suffering people of the DRC.

Copyright Sam Farmar

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