Official Selection 2011 San Diego Asian Film Festival
Official Selection 2012 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
Official Selection 2012 The Standard Print
Official Selection 2012 Laughlin Film Festival

other screenings:
2012 Fil-Am Festival
2011 San Diego State Filmmaker's Showcase
2010 San Diego State Film Festival

Director: Joseph Mangat
Genre: Narrative Short
Exhibition Format: HDCAM SR / Color / 5.1 Dolby Mix.
Original Format: HD with Canon 7D
English & Tagalog with English Subtitles.
Automaton Films © 2011

The prowl for shoes reveals the secret life of a teenage girl.

An homage to 400 Blows, Shoes aka Kids These Days deals with a young pensive teenage girl in need of an outlet for her artistic expression. We get a brief glimpse into her life as we follow her on a typical day as she disobeys her mother -- escaping the suburbs and venturing into the city where she searches for the perfect pair of shoes.

Director's Statement:
Shoes started as a clear homage to Francois Truffaut’s 400 Blows using the same premise of a kid getting into mischief. What I tried to do differently is to make the film as unsentimental as I can and to be as honest as I can to the character, barring any sort of judgement. To put it simply -- I wanted to show a glimpse into the life of a "normal" Filipino-American girl living in the suburbs doing what "normal" teenagers do. Unlike typical "coming of age" films that deal with big, dramatic subjects like AIDS, drugs or sex, I wanted to take on the challenge of making the mundane compelling and cinematic. I also wanted to incorporate my own experiences as an adolescent. I remember when I was teenager my parents had no clue what I was up to outside of school and home. I wanted to explore this along with the idea that during these formative years your perception of right and wrong are completely skewed; To her, she is not doing anything wrong, just merely looking for a creative outlet.

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