Hi there friends.

This animation is a pencil test work in progress, part of a music video I am creating for a contest.
Try to find everything that is hidden in here:
look for a mouse playing air guitar, an alligator, a shoe, a flying bird, a wobbly beagle, an ice cream cone, a tube of toothpaste, a pig, and an elephant.
I might be leaving something out.

Most importantly, all of these seemingly disparate characters comprise two lovers kissing, which is the main image.

Watch it twice, if you can. The first time, look at the people kissing, then look for all of the things that come together to make that image.

I aim to create multiple worlds within one image, layered and vast, but unified. My main goal is to create animation that is different for the viewer each time they see it.

One more thing that is hidden: the girl that is kissing is actually two faces (one girl's ear is the other's lips)


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