Directed by & Starring
Actually Huizenga & Socrates Mitsios

Actually Huizenga and Socrates Mitsios journey into the crust of the Ancient land, Greece, creating a romantic journey of Hellenic Pop Rape fantasy. Actually specializes in raw Bacchanalian Los Angeles music video kitsch while Socrates has been throwing his long-limbed body full-force into photographic hallucinatory-idealism from the grey depths of London. It could be said that he yearns for the colors and simple passions of a Mycenaean godly past, but he, like Actually hope to find new extravagances and beauty through art in a future of their own design, making nods referentially, but free to create against the expected/accepted.

This is the first of a mini series of erotic romanticism in idyllic yet more-than-slightly nefarious environments. Focus is placed upon the elegance of specific elements and colors in and out nature.

She is regarding the camera with a forward Olympia-like gaze, while the male tilts more towards danger than pleasure. The female enjoys this bit of fetishism, displayed in such lovely hues of rose and emerald.

Filmed in Loutro (Crete) and Avlaki (near Athens), Greece
September 2010

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