Sedo is the top dog of the group and he's a pooch on a mission - his evil arch nemesis Bado and her side kick Fatso have escaped justice through a dimensional doorway into Earth. Unfortunately, the dimensional doorway sucked Sedo and his friends through as well. The stunned pups found themselves falling through the air and landing in a strange new world called Earth.Well, to be exact, they actually landed on Lucy who was on her way home from school before being buried under a pile of whimpering dogs. Sedo and his friends, Guru, Hodo, Mini, Judo and Floro are marooned on Earth - their only hope of returning home is to catch Bado, and get her to conjure up the dimensional doorway!

Target Demography: 7-12 year olds
Format: 3D animated series
Duration: 52 x 11'

In co-production with Omens Studio, supported by the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

For more info and licensing inquries, please visit or contact

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