Watch in 1080p with HD enabled.
There is lots of artifacting due to being compressed for vimeo, but this is about as good as we're gunna get.

I shot this footage on the 4th of July this year. In order to get any kind of exposure I bumped the ISO up to 5600 at f2.8. The footage is completely unusable due to the extreme noise and degradation of the image.

Last night I bought Neat Video's amazing HD noise reduction plug-in for Final Cut Pro and tested it out on this footage. It reduced the noise by an incredible amount and made the footage much better! Of course a lot of detail and sharpness is lost, but the image is usable!

Note: this is video is an example of extreme digital noise, if used on clips with banding or small amounts of noise in the blacks due to under-exposure or color correction I'm positive Neat Video's plug-in will make the clips a billion times better! Well worth the $99

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