Here is the scene breakdown.

See the film here:

Color Correction - Level and hue adjustment
Blue Night Filter - Solid blended with the scene
Sky Filter - To give the scene a night feel
Lights - Extracted light from the original scene, exaggerated and added glow - to give back the scene light.
Additional light - Add "object" windows and more street lamp glow.
Particles - Particular to fill the scene with objects
Glow Objects - Cinema 4d rendered objects with added glow.
Magic Bullet - Three way color correction, diffusion and other effects.
Final Color Correction - Bring back level and hue
Film Noise - To blend the objects with the scene - gives them the same quality.

Filmed with Canon EOS 7D, Sigma 50mm 1:1,4, 3D tracking Boujou, Modeling and composing 3D in Cinema 4d, finishing and edit in After Effects.

Client: Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek
Idea & concept: Håvard Legreid & Jørgen Håland
Production Manager: Håvard Legreid
Directed by: Håvard Legreid & Jørgen Håland
Location hunter: Håvard Legreid & Jørgen Håland
Filming, Compositing, 3D tracking, 3D modeling & Graphics: Jørgen Håland
Music/edit: Jørgen Håland
Voice: Jørgen Håland

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