A lifeless cardboard city is touched, quite literally, by a red hand that embodies colorful, playful chaos.
Animals are unleashed into the city streets, filling it with life and disorder. The final touch is incinerating everything.

"I ripped your heart out from your chest, replace it with a grenade blast. Incinerate, incinerate." - SY

Humanity tends to detach itself from destruction, seeing mass amounts of it as a mere collective end, never attempting to think of it as the expiration of thousands of individuals. This viewpoint is inescapable as the young woman comes into play. She is slipping into desperation and mental anarchy herself, and we are accompanying her in that downward spiral.
Her face merges with that of a skeleton, she scrawls on her walls before disappearing, bathed in spectral red and blue light.
"I've got the spirit but lose the feeling. Feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling, feeling." is her final message.
Whether she too, as her city, was consumed by flames and ceased to exist is unknown. Perhaps she escaped. Perhaps she didn't.
The final shot is that of the skeleton she had been holding in front of her features seemingly walking away, out of frame.
Lose the feeling of death? Keep the spirit?
I don't know.

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