During the past presidential elections of Colombia certain armed groups took advantage of the situation and were acting out. Niny -a young girl that lives in the conflict zone- wrote me telling me she was afraid.

Not being sure of what to say I suggested her to make a video about her feelings - as a way to get it out of her mind.

She wrote me back saying she was tired of everyone always saying only negative things about Caquetá - the conflict zone. "Yes, bad things happen here but also good people live here" she said.

She is right.

It's time to show the hard working people and the beautiful places this area of Colombia has. At that moment I decided we were going to make a video together about the wonderful Caquetá and with the help of a few friends and the organization Caring for Colombia I was able to go down there this past September.

After giving Niny a hug, getting scared together a few nights of shootings and convincing her friend Diana to be an active part of our "crew," the three of us made this video.

Enjoy it.

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