The Long-Life-Span Smartphone. A great idea, as I am tired of getting a new phone every 2 years. Check out all the Ideas here

From the article:

"In the United States, a cellphone’s average life span is 18 months, and yet fewer than 1 percent of these phones are estimated to be recycled. As an antidote to this pattern of rapid obsolescence, the British design-consulting firm Kinneir Dufort developed its Revive smartphone concept, proposing a device that can evolve over time rather than be cast aside when it breaks or something newer and shinier hits the market. Unlike existing products on the market, it would be designed for easy disassembly, so the end user could replace or upgrade components without tossing the entire phone.

Service providers and manufacturers would be able to charge for these improvements, replacing revenue they would have earned from selling new phones. To help it age gracefully, Revive would be made from materials — leathers, metals and plastic composites — that acquire a patina from wear. A service subscription, meanwhile, would offer the user credits the longer he held on to the phone, making him a “stakeholder” with an investment in the longevity of the product." JESSE ASHLOCK

Sean Pecknold: Director, Writer, Animator,
Britta Johnson: Editor, Props, Set Design, Art Department
Justin Braegelmann: Sound Design

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