Voyage To The Planets is a work of filmed docufiction (a fictional story presented in the form of a documentary) about a manned voyage through the solar system. Space Odyssey premiered in 2004 and was made by the BBC. It was written and directed by Joe Ahearne and produced by Christopher Riley, who was presented with the 2005 Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Best TV & Radio Presentation.
Five astronauts pilot the nuclear thermal rocket powered Pegasus spacecraft on a tour of the solar system. Their mission is a collaboration of the NASA, CSA, ESA and РКА space agencies and takes the crew to Venus, Mars, a close flyby of the Sun, Jupiter’s moons of Io and Europa, Saturn’s moon of Titan, Pluto, and the fictional Comet Yano-Moore.
Venus and Mars were recreated in the area of Iquique on the road to Pisagua in the Atacama Desert after location scouting in various countries in the world..
Space Odyssey: Voyage To The Planets is an Impossible Pictures production for the BBC, Discovery Channel and ProSieben.
Local production by Chilefixers.

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