NYFA Thesis Film by Diego LLamazares
Starring Joseph Somma.
Shot in New York in 2009.

Jack Murray is the executive sales manager for a pharmaceutical company that invented a new and revolutionary medicine named Vigorizer XT for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This medicine hasn't been tested thoroughly enough and it causes the death of several elder people. Subsequently there is a the trial in which he is found not guilty of all the charges of murder and harm to the public health, presumably because he did not acknowledge the medicine did not have an extensive testing behind. However that does not prevent him from losing everything he cared about in life. Then he deliberately decides to isolate himself from society and embrace insanity, his only link with the world now is his TV. Gradually, he begins to step up onto the ladder of dementia until he finally passes away, while his neighbors live trapped in their own surrealism, oblivious to Jack's reality.

A very thin line separates success from misery in this fragile society made of material dreams. Aleatory events change and interfere with our lives in a positive or negative way, becoming the fuel of dreams or the trigger of nightmares in other cases.

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