In 2008, Harrison Boyce of Macneil Bikes got creative with Macneil's 08 orange line and built up a BMX with the crazy bright colour combination of orange and green bike parts:

In 2009 he built up a new bike, but the pumpkin bike still lived on in infamy. Some time that year my BMX was stolen, and in order to make sure I could keep riding and shooting with the Macneil team, Harrison kindly gave me the pumpkin bike.

Since then I've made a few modifications (took off pegs, put on freecoaster) and have been riding it gratefully ever since. It's aired quarters, jumped dirt jumps, hit questionable dorps to flat, gone backwards lots, forwards sometimes. It's been super fun to ride and the colour combination never fails to turn heads.

This is a little video tribute to the pumpkin bike.

Equipment: Nikon D300s, Nikon 50mm f1.8, Nikon 105mm f2.8, Jessop lens extension tubes.

Music: N.L.T. by Sunn O))) & Boris

Shot by David Lang
Edited by Brian Park

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